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The artist shared an archival snapshot

Last year, many changes took place in the life of Polina Gagarina. The actress divorced her husband, starred in the series and lost a lot of weight. Fans dreamed of learning more about each of the aspects of the singer's life, and yesterday she answered several questions, and also shared rare pictures.

Recall that this year Polina visited the Maldives. In January, the singer and her children flew to the island for a two-week vacation. When fans asked her what she regretted the most, the artist admitted that she would like to spend more time by the ocean.

Answering the next question, the singer shared her childhood photo. Polina said that at the age of 15, she would like to ask for advice. According to her, at this age, she was especially fearless.

Polina admitted that she believes in the boomerang effect. All good deeds respond with positive changes in life, and all bad deeds with negative ones. That is why Gagarina treats people the way she wants them to treat her.

Polina surprised her fans with an answer to a question about phobias. As it turned out, Gagarina has unusual fears. The singer is afraid of large monuments and structures. In her words, she suffers from megalophobia.



Many fans wondered how to win the singer's heart. However, Polina's answer did not make them happy. According to Gagarina, all the places in her heart are already occupied by her children.

We will remind, last year, the artist parted with the star photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. After that, the singer was credited with secret novels with various famous people. However, Polina dismissed all the rumors, referring to the fact that at this stage in her life she was not ready for a relationship. The reason is simple - the singer is very busy on the set, and spends all her free time with the heirs. Photo: gagara1986


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