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“I am turning into a 14-year-old girl” - why does Polina Gagarina rarely publish photos without makeup?



For several weeks, in self-isolation, Polina Gagarina regularly conducted live broadcasts on Instagram, and also gave online concerts. At the same time, the singer looks great and always appears in front of the Internet audience with impeccable makeup and perfect hairstyle.

During a live broadcast on Instagram, Polina said that she could not afford to get in touch with thousands of fans “like Paul’s home girl”, because fans simply don’t recognize the star without makeup: “I immediately turn into a fourteen-year-old girl ", - the performer says embarrassedly. Gagarina is sure that even during the period of total self-isolation, fans wanted to see their idols the same as always, so Polina carefully prepared for each broadcast: “I really want to give not only a good mood, but also to be a motivator so that the girls would not stop courting for yourself, to paint, to do hair. I want to look good. "

The singer owes her perfect hairstyle and beautiful makeup not to her own skills and abilities, but to makeup artists who, for the time of self-isolation, moved to a neighboring village. Realizing that concerts and interviews during this period will go online, Polina was urgently puzzled by the question of finding housing for her team: “The girls moved very close to me, near my village. They can reach me by bike. We had a real action game - we prepared, understood what awaited us. It seems to me that it is cool for girls too, because they have little children, they breathe fresh air, ”Polina revealed the secret of her beauty.

Gagarina shared with the fans another curious fact - to organize online concerts, an impressive film crew came to the star's house, but all the specialists involved in the process, like the singer herself, strictly observed security measures.


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