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"Ecstasy": Svetlana Khodchenkova stars in the new music video of "Leningrad" band

The song "Ecstasy" tells about the affair of a simple auto mechanic and successful business lady

Leningrad released the music video for “Ecstasy,” on YouTube on April 27.

The director of the video is Anna Parmas, who shot 5 sensational clips for "Leningrad", including "Exhibit". The main role this time was played by the star of Russian cinema Svetlana Khodchenkova.

The clip lasts more than 10 minutes and is a real mini-movie. In just a few minutes the video scored more than 6 thousand views.

In the center of the plot of the video for the song "Ecstasy" is the auto mechanic Vitalik, who works in the usual car service in the outskirts of Moscow, and a business lady from New York.

A chance meeting of characters turns into a passionate affair - the heroine of Khodchenkova mistakes Vitalik for her ex-classmate Stas. Relations are developing rapidly, but Vitalik is uncertain in a new world of rich people - visits to the Bolshoi Theater and dinners at five-star restaurants - all this is a new leisure for a car mechanic. In addition, the girl constantly calls him "Stas". And, judging by the song, Stas is just like Space!

Having decided, at last, to tell the truth about himself, Vitalik loses her beloved, but not for long - soon she comes back and the couple is going to New York. However, Vitalik is stopped at passport control at the airport and is not allowed to pass - it turns out that he has unpaid loans and is forbidden to travel abroad.

Meanwhile, the heroine of Svetlana Khodchenkova meets the real Stas at the airport and leaves with him.

There are celebrities In the video, for example, the fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev - he sits next to Vitalik during the ballet "Swan Lake".

And the real Stas has already appeared on the screens. This is Denis Shvedov, who played the role of a policeman in the "Major" series.

The most Vitalik-Stas is played by the 31-year-old actor of the Leningrad City Council Anton Filipenko.

The clip, like other videos of "Leningrad" band, reflects in the most incredible manner the evils of of modern Russian society. The key motive of "Ecstasy" was many residents of Russian country who are up to their ears in loans. Debts in this case are combined with the desire for luxury and a better life, which became an obstacle to the happiness of the protagonist of the video.

Talking about the shootings of the clip, Sergey Shnurov noted that the participation of actress Svetlana Khodchenkova did not cost him much money. Well, the choice fell on her for a simple reason: "she's beautiful".

- It's not I who persuaded Khodchenkova to undress for my new video. If I tried to do it, then probably, she would not undress. She was paid very minimal fee, "said Shnurov.

But to Anton Filipenko in order to get a role in the clip of Sergei Shnurov, he had to pass a casting. Anton liked working with Svetlana.

Everything was fine and decent, - Anton said to the Ukrainian radio station "Russian Rock".

The clip of the group, which appeared on the Internet this afternoon, scored already over 4 million views. The most successful clip of the group was "Exhibit", which scored more than 106 million views.

A few minutes ago, a new clip of the "Leningrad" bandappeared on the net, which was eagerly awaited for almost a week by fans of the work of Sergei Shnurov. A few days ago, Sergei himself "warmed up" interest in the new video sharing a promising teaser, in which the famous Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova got undressed. For a few days the video was watched by more than 520 thousand people. 

We are approaching the format of a big movie. - Sergey noted that the clip did not break the record of the video "Kolshik", which was called the most expensive in the history of the band.

Three previous clips of "Leningrad" - "Exhibit", “In Peter, You Drink.", "Kolshik" - in total, scored on YouTube about 100 million views. 

Svetlana Khodchenkova. A frame from the new clip of the band "Leningrad"


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