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What pictures does the son of Sergei Shnurov draw: new works of Apollo



Russian singer Sergei Shnurov is currently in his fourth marriage. But the man has two children from previous marriages. In the second marriage with Svetlana Kostitsyna, the son Apollo was born.

Young talent

Apollo, who was born in 2000, has his own Instagram account, which has several thousand followers. Apparently, the guy devotes a lot of time to his creative development, namely, drawing pictures.


A new diptych, that is, a work that is created from several paintings and forms one whole, Apollo posted on his blog. The guy called his work "Cheese and Watermelons".


It is worth noting that Apollo already had his own exhibition of contemporary art paintings, to which he also invited young artists.


Apparently, the young man focused on expressive art and graphics. 


And in one of the interviews Apollo was asked how to distinguish imitation from contemporary art.


According to the son of Sergei Shnurov, after the advent of the Internet, no viewer would be interested in looking at classic paintings.



With the help of contemporary art, artists interact with the audience, discovering something new not only for themselves, but also for visitors to exhibitions. 


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