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Debut clip of Dmitry Malikov’s daughter blew iTunes Music Videos Chart


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Stefania Malikova premiered her debut music video for “Just for us” and it's already topping the iTunes charts.

Daughter of the Russian artist Dmitry Malikov already competes with the famous father. 16-year-old Stesha released a video for her first solo song "Just for us". Pupil of elite Moscow school, Stefania made video during the holidays in the Italian resort of Forte dei Marmi. A day after the release of the clip it's already topping the Russian iTunes charts, placing above duo of Timati and Egor Kreed and their video for "Where are you, where I am."

Stefania Malikova appears to be thrilled by her music video’s success. - This is my first serious work - said Stesha. - We filmed the video with my guys just a couple of days. I wanted to do everything myself, not taking my parent’s help. My video just went to #1 on iTunes, surpassing video of Timati and Kreed -"Where are you, where I am."

Despite her young age, Stesha already is the owner of "Golden Gramophone" Award, which she received with her friend - the son of Vladimir Kiselev - Yury.

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