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7 facts about Kirill Kaprizov's girlfriend, Stesha Malikova



Despite her young age, the daughter of Dmitry Malikov has already managed to try herself in a variety of roles and achieve considerable success in many areas. What is interesting to know about this charming blonde? 

Third generation artist

The father of 20-year-old Stephanie is singer and composer Dmitry Malikov, grandfather is the head of the VIA "Gems" Yuri Malikov, grandmother - formerly a soloist, now - director of "Gems" Lyudmila Vyunkova. Aunt Stesha - the younger sister of Dmitry Malikov, Inna - is a singer, actress and TV presenter, producer and soloist of the New Gems band. However, in addition to the pedigree, Stesha, as her parents affectionately call her, has a lot of other achievements.

“Athlete, Komsomol member and just a beauty!”

From childhood, Stephania's everyday life was scheduled literally by the hour. She spoke about this in an interview with Tatler magazine back in 2014 - then she was 14 years old. After school, Stesha additionally studied English, physics and French, attended a fitness center, studied ballroom dancing, swimming, drawing, and also took vocal, piano and ... rhetoric lessons. The last daughter of Dmitry Malikov explained the desire to be ready for the profession of a TV presenter.


Stephania and Dmitry Malikov

“Because I used to, you know how I used to talk? Like a squeak. What if I start some kind of program on television? In the classroom, we pronounce words with a cork in our mouths - very funny and useful. We get rid of parasitic words, we read Chekhov and Ostrovsky. We go to theaters,” she told reporters.

The hard work paid off. In 2017, Stefania graduated from the Zhukovka elite school. For the exams, the girl was actively preparing for the entire last school year, sometimes spending 17 hours a day on it. She wanted to enter MGIMO at the Faculty of Journalism. Some did not believe that the exam was not paid, but the girl categorically answered those who criticized her:

“I want to tell all the spiteful critics that I gave everything honestly. (I can send my essay and test to those especially "smart" people who say that everything is bought). I passed with such a high score only because I prepared hard and practiced every day. No one in my family bought anything and I have no guarantee that I will go where I want. But! I really hope that everything will work out and be good.” 

As a result, determination and perseverance did their job - the girl entered MGIMO. Passion for music and vocals was also not in vain. At the end of 2015, in Moscow, in the Olimpiysky Sports Complex, the 20th Russian Radio Awards took place. The award, unexpectedly for everyone, was received by a duet of 16-year-old (at that time) Stefania Malikova and 17-year-old Yuri Kiselev, known under the pseudonym YurKiss. The victory for young performers was brought by the song "Do not rush to marry us."

Complexed because of big cheeks

Despite the charming appearance in childhood, Stefania experienced serious problems due to dissatisfaction with herself. As a child, she often heard that she had big cheeks, because of this she was very complex. She forced herself to look in the mirror and convince herself that round cheeks were very pretty.

“As a child, I often heard that my cheeks were too big. These words about my appearance, of course, shaped me as an insecure person. If you look at my photos, you can see that I always hung my hair like curtains, so that only my nose was visible to hide my face) I never wore a ponytail, licked (as in the photo) seemed like a nightmare to me. At the age of 13, I photoshopped my face in a facetune so that my mother does not grieve. However, later Malikova was able to understand that chubby cheeks are her virtue, not her disadvantage.

“I realized that this is not my flaw, but my highlight, because no one in the world has a face like mine. It takes a lot of time to raise your self-esteem, and this is not an easy way, but you definitely need to get high on yourself, on your work, studies, appearance, social circle.

Stesha advises every day to go to the mirror and say nice words to herself, highlight the positive aspects of her appearance, and not focus on the shortcomings. And then over time, she notes, you will become more confident in yourself, and this confidence will be transferred to others.

From dreaming of becoming a fashion designer to modeling career

Even as a child, Stesha, together with Dmitry and Elena Malikov, took part in various advertising campaigns and shootings for magazines. At the age of 14, the daughter of Dmitry Malikov took part in the show of the capsule collection by Russian designer Igor Chapurin, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Barbie doll. It was part of the Mersedez-Benz Fashion Week.

In October 2014, together with Anna Shulgina, Valeria's daughter, Stefania participated in the Bosco Fashion Week show. Stesha's face has already graced the covers of such glossy publications as Elle Girl, Tatler, Hello!, OK. Her photographs also appeared on the pages of the American Teen Vogue magazine. Dmitry and Stefania Malikov, archive Dmitry and Stefania Malikov, archive Legion-Media

Even at the age of nine, in an interview, Malikova stated that she wanted to become a fashion designer and study in Florence, London or Paris. In addition to serious hobbies, Stesha has favorite hobbies - drawing and fashion design.


Stephania is often accused of going to plastic surgeons. Cosmetologists believe that Stesha enlarged her lips with hyaluronic acid preparations. The girl categorically denies such suspicions. "Are you kidding me? I am not going to do it, ”she is indignant.

Romance with the son of an oligarch

Beautiful, smart and talented Stephania tries to keep her personal life away from prying eyes. So, for a long time, fans were sure that Stefania was dating the son of singer Valeria Arseny Shulgin. Later it turned out that they were just friends.

The next object of discussion was Timur Muravin, Stesha's classmate. And in 2016, Stefania appeared at the premiere of the musical "Anna Karenina" at the Operetta Theater with Leonid Gruzdev. This was the only case of all when the daughter of Dmitry Malikov made it clear that she had a serious relationship with a young man. Gruzdev's father is the ex-governor of the Tula region, who is constantly on the list of the richest and most influential people according to Forbes. His fortune, according to some sources, is estimated at 750 million dollars. However, the affair was destined to end at the beginning of last year.


Leonid Gruzdev and Stefania Malikova

Spending quarantine with parents

Now, when a pandemic reigns all over the world, Stesha is quarantined with his parents. The girl’s self-isolation began back in March - then MGIMO switched to a remote learning mode. Stephania's regime hasn't changed much. She gets up at 9 in the morning and cooks herself breakfast - she learns culinary tricks from her mother. One of Stefania's favorite dishes is pasta (the second is pancakes), so she often cooks pasta.

“My signature dish is pasta with tomatoes and cheese. Adore! Therefore, I bought myself a lot of healthy pasta made from whole grain flour at home - so that I would definitely have enough for the entire quarantine, ” Stesha shares .

Stefania is used to leading a healthy lifestyle, so even in quarantine she goes in for sports. To do this, she has all the necessary equipment at home - dumbbells, leg weights, a yoga mat, "bosu". To stay in good shape, even while sitting at home, Stesha tries to dress beautifully. Her favorite look is a Prada cashmere sweater, wool socks and sweatpants.

Photo: Legion-Media

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