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Danila Kozlovsky: What happened to him and why The fans do not recognize the fat actor


Plump Danila Kozlovsky amazed by the appearance . The actor is hard to recognize

Danila Kozlovsky is currently involved in the filming of the series "Lucy" . The actor plays the title role in the film. However, the appearance of the star of the films "We are from the Future" and "Vikings" amazed fans.


Danila Kozlovsky gained extra pounds. The loyal fans of the actor were able to see this by examining a latest photo in which the artist is posing.


Danila Kozlovsky on the set. Photo: personal Instagram page of Maxim Vitorgan “I hardly recognized Danila"," I wish I hadn't seen Kozlovsky like that ", - the amazed followers argue.

Some decided that Kozlovsky had gained extra pounds because of the new role. He plays the main character of the series "Lucy" - the inventor Senya. Once he came up with a smart column called "Lucy". To make her creation more human, Senya talks a lot with the speaker, shares her sorrows with her, because she knows everything about how her creator lives. As a result, the humanity of "Lucy" turns out to be very useful: she helps Senya to survive public humiliation in front of everyone families, find the culprit of his troubles and fix what, it would seem, cannot be fixed.

"Lucy" helps the hero find himself. The series was directed by Ivan Tverdovsky , known for his films "Conference", "Toss", "Zoology" and "Correction Class".

“The filming period for Lucy has begun. My mini-series debut. Thanks to the producers for their trust and to the whole team, ” Tverdovsky summed up.

Main PHOTO: Global Look Press


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