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Fans mistook Danila Kozlovsky's mother for his girfriend

Fans are discussing a photo where the son looks no younger than his mother.

35-year-old actor Danila Kozlovsky is one of the most attractive artists in Russian cinema, which was fully facilitated by his mother. The other day, fans again began to discuss the appearance of the actor in the picture with his parent. It was made several years ago.


Some fans at first thought that the photo was the chosen one of Kozlovsky. In the frame, Nadezhda Zvenigorodskaya looks very young - you won't give a woman even 45 years old, despite the fact that the artist is now 68 years old.

“I thought it was his new girlfriend,” fans wrote on the Russian Radio Instagram account. "Wife?" - the followers made assumptions. “Mom is younger than her son,” said those who recognized Danila's parent.


It is worth noting that by the age of 35, Kozlovsky had already acquired a wife and even a child. A couple of months ago, Olga Zueva and the artist had a daughter, Oda Valentina. Olga left for the United States to give birth. Due to the imposed quarantine, the couple were unable to leave America in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Obviously, now the actor devotes all his time to the baby, but he also periodically pleases fans with new publications on his personal blog. And not so long ago, he posted a photo with his little daughter, taken on the beach.

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