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Charlize Theron explained why she dresses her son in dresses. It turns out he decided to be a girl


An actress with her son Jackson, whom she adopted in his infancy.

Actress Charlize Theron adopted a boy named Jackson when he was a baby. Now the boy is seven years old, but for several years now he appears on the street exclusively in dresses, sequins and ballet tutus. 

And the other day, the actress explained what, in fact, was the matter. It turns out she was just wrong when she thought Jackson was a boy. That's silly! “Yes, I also thought at one time that he was a boy. Until she looked at me at the age of three and said, “But I'm not a boy!” Charlize revealed the truth.

Charlize Theron with her son Jackson at Disneyland. Photo: EAST NEWS

She was just glad that my son, sorry, already a little daughter, "opened"! According to her, she is the same girl as her sister. The actress adopted the little girl August in 2015, and she, it seems, is not going to change gender yet.

“Well, now I have two beautiful daughters. And like any parent, I want to protect them, and watch them succeed ... They may be who they want, it's not for me to decide. My job is to enjoy their choice, to love them and to make sure that they have everything they need ... ”

Charlize believes that she is raising “two beautiful girls”. Photo: EAST NEWS

Actually, at the age of three, and even later, a child imagines himself anyone. One day he considers himself a fireman, on the other, an astronaut, a doctor or even a ghost. And what to do, according to this logic, if your child declared himself a dog? Scary to imagine.

It’s good that the child has not yet undergone hormone replacement therapy. Although, with such a mother, most likely, and this "joy of choice" is not far off.   “My beautiful girl”: Charlize Theron publicly named her son, who loves to wear Toddler’s dresses, a daughter.

The Hollywood star Charlize Theron adopted in 2012 in South Africa. The actress was born and raised in this country, so she consciously decided to take a black baby to be raised. Today, Jackson is six years old, and for a long time he does not look like a boy: the heir to the star loves to wear girlish dresses and bows. Charlize in every way encourages his love for women's wardrobe.



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