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Angelina Jolie, Naomi Watts and other clebs whose children do not accept their gender



Nature does not always guess with gender 

Angelina Jolie


The eldest native daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh, recently changed her name to John. The media reported that the 14-year-old girl does not recognize her biological gender and plans to change her gender soon. Insiders claim that Shiloh has been undergoing hormonal therapy since the age of 12: drugs prepare her body for surgery. Star parents support this decision - without their approval, therapy would not have been possible.

For almost all of her conscious life, Shiloh denies her gender and wears baggy clothes of a man's cut - voluminous hoodies, long T-shirts and shorts - and avoids the attention of the press, preferring to remain in the shadow of Angelina's sisters, brothers and mother.

Charlize Theron


Hollywood diva is a rare example of a loving and responsible mom. She dispenses with helpers and gets up at 5:45 every day on weekdays to feed the children breakfast and take them to school. The actress is raising two adopted children - Jackson and August. For the past few years, Jackson has exclusively worn girls' clothes: princess dresses and tulle skirts in a variety of shades of pink. At first, Charlize did not comment on his wardrobe in any way, and then in one of the interviews she called the children “my two wonderful girls” . Thus, Theron admitted that her son considers himself a girl, and supported the child.

Megan Fox


From an early age, the son of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, Noah, gravitated towards elegant dresses. At first, the parents assured that the boy was just having fun, and he did not regret limiting him. But by the age of seven, Noah's love for the images of Disney princesses did not fade away: he still comes to school in dresses - one of his favorites was Princess Elsa's turquoise outfit from Frozen. Fox and Green are again unanimous: mom and dad are teaching their son not to be led by the majority and to defend his identity.


Naomi Watts


The youngest son of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber has not yet decided who he perceives himself to be in this world: 11-year-old Samuel often gets caught in the paparazzi's lenses in pink dresses and down jackets, sundresses, "girly" T-shirts and sneakers in gum shades. The teen loves to do buns and high hairstyles and sometimes wears light makeup. Parents and older brother are sympathetic to Sammy's experiments, do not put pressure on him and promise to support any of his gender choices.

Cynthia Nixon

It took the "Sex and the City" star about two years to realize and accept: her eldest daughter Samantha is now a young man named Samuel. Nixon even visited the psychotherapist who supported her child to sort out his decision. Now Cynthia, who herself went through a difficult period of life - changed her orientation and married Christine Marioni in 2012 - can speak openly about the problems of transgender people. And he never tires of repeating how proud she is of Samuel.




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