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Billionaire, ladies' man and party goer: what do we know about Dasha Zhukova's new husband Stavros Niarchos


Yesterday it became known that the ex-wife of Roman Abramovich, Dasha Zhukova, married her 34-year-old lover Stavros Niarchos III, whom they had known for many years. What you need to know about the wife of the 38-year-old founder of the Garage Museum - we tell you in our material.

Family and origins

Stavros Niarchos was born on April 17, 1985 in New York, the son of the Greek billionaire Philip Niarchos and Victoria Christina Guinness. Zhukova's new husband is a descendant of the famous ship owner Stavros Niarchos, who left his family a fortune of two billion dollars.



Victoria Christina Guinness, Philip Niarhos with a friend


Stavros Niarchos with his mother Victoria Christina Guinness

Stavros's grandfather is one of the most famous Greek entrepreneurs. Together with his uncle, he built a merchant fleet, which was badly damaged during the Second World War. But under the insurance, Niarchos received two million dollars and started building a new fleet. He founded the international shipping company Niarchos Ltd, and in 1952 built his first oil supertanker. So he soon became a billionaire.


Stavros Niarchos

Niarchos's father Philip is now ranked first in the list of the richest people in Greece.


Philip Niarchos


Stavros began his studies in Paris, and then went to study in New York - there he decided to master directing. In 2007, at the age of 22, he graduated from the University of Southern California School of Motion Picture Arts. However, he was not destined to become a great director. However, he was hardly upset - having received one hundred million dollars from his father, he decided to go into business.


What exactly Stavros Jr. invested in and how he began to earn money is unknown, but together with his family members, he annually donates funds to the development of art, culture, sports and education in Greece. After the death of the famous Greek ship owner, his family founded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, which greatly helped Greece during the economic crisis and continues to help to this day.

Stormy youth and rich personal life

In the stellar get-together, Stavros Niarchos earned himself the fame of a real ladies' man and a great lover of women. It is known about at least five of his affairs with celebrities (while he probably had relationships with girls unknown to the general public). He dated Mary-Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and even the Swedish princess Madeleine.

He mostly spent his free time at various parties in the company of his lovers and friends. Despite his reputation as a womanizer, he was very popular with women - he attracted girls by both his appearance and a huge fortune.


Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarhos

But his most serious relationship was an affair with model Jessica Hart - they were together for five years and even, according to rumors, were going to get married. But it never came to the wedding: if you believe insiders, then it was Dasha Zhukova who became the reason that Niarchos broke off the engagement with his bride.


Stavros Niarchos and Jessica Hart

Acquaintance and relationship with Dasha Zhukova

With Dasha Zhukova, Stavros was familiar for many years. But the romantic relationship between them began only two years ago - in any case, the general public learned about them only in 2017.

For the first time together, Dasha and Stavros appeared as a couple in May last year - they attended the annual Costume Institute Ball at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Well, then the gallery owner herself began to post joint pictures with her lover on her Instagram.



Charlotte Santo Domingo, Dasha Zhukova and Stavros Niarchos

Together Zhukova and Niarchos often go to rest in the company of mutual friends and sometimes go to social events. They live in New York. Zhukova, by the way, has two children with Roman Abramovich, with whom her husband, apparently, managed to find a common language.

With the ex-wife of Abramovich Stavros, it is likely that his passion for art brought him closer - Stavros, like Dasha, loves painting. He inherited his love for fine art from his grandfather, whose personal collection included paintings by great artists. After his death (and he died in 1996), his son Philip continued to replenish it. The couple's engagement was reported in July.


They say that the lovers announced their desire to get married to friends at Zhukova's birthday. The couple's wedding, according to insiders, took place in Paris over the weekend and was rather modest. Among the guests of the couple were Maya Hawke, Derek Blasberg, Jennifer Mayer.

And shortly before the wedding, Stavros arranged a bachelor party in Madrid, which he noted in the company of his brother Theo and friends: Vito Schnabel, Prince of Monaco Pierre Casiraghi and others. For the entire time of their relationship, Zhukova and Niarchos did not give public comments regarding their romance. They have not yet confirmed news of the wedding.





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