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How do the children of Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova live after the divorce of their parents


Daria Zhukova is currently working on projects in the field of art and plans to stay in Moscow until the end of November. Despite the fact that she is a world-famous gallery owner, her children cannot be forced to go to the museum. After her divorce from Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Dasha Zhukova mostly raises their common heirs on her own. Eight-year-old Leah and 11-year-old Aaron Alexander, like all modern children, spend a lot of time online, which saddens their mother.

“Our rule is this: on weekends for gadgets - 40 minutes. 20 for chatting with friends, 20 for games. And during the week it depends on success,” says the owner of Garage.

She admits that the guys from early childhood go with her to the best museums and galleries in the world, but so far they are not particularly interested.

“They are not eager to go there, like most children,” Dasha replies. “Sometimes they like it, sometimes you have to force it. From what was successful ... Not so long ago we visited the Los Angeles LACMA, at the exhibition of the Japanese Yoshitomo Nara. We bought T-shirts with his drawings for the children - now they don’t take them off, ”Zhukova said.


Abramovich's children live with their mother 

During the pandemic, when the borders were closed and cultural institutions did not work, Dasha's entire family was at home. The 40-year-old gallery owner decided to be a real hostess and stood at the stove. In an interview, she admitted that she learned how to cook simple and light dishes, but she is still far from culinary masterpieces.

“Now I can at least open the refrigerator and cook something edible out of vegetables,” Zhukova smiles. 

Note that after the divorce from Abramovich, Dasha married the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos. In March 2021, their common son Philip was born.

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