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Alex Sparrow started an affair with a Brazilian actress Ana Flávia Gavlak

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Alex Sparrow told about shooting in the new Hollywood project, in which he played the title role. Working on the script, the Russian artist managed not only to demonstrate his talent, but also to meet love. "There was a spark between us" - Alex Sparrow started having an affair with the participant of the show "Vacations in Mexico".

Anna Chipovskaya, Oksana Akinshina, Victoria Daineko - the musician has always chosen only the most spectacular beauties of Russian show business, many years ago, firmly proved himself a charming ladies' man. Even participation in the popular reality show "Bachelor" did not help Alex to find his bride - Natalia Gorozhanova and Yana Anosova fought for the heart of the artist, but he could not decide which of the girls could become his companion.

And recently the singer had a bright romance with the Brazilian actress and model Ana Flavia Gavlak, who later co-starred in his "I just want to come" music video. Alex met her on the set of the American thriller "The Body Tree", where he played one of the title roles.

"The most difficult but also the most interesting was to show what kind of demon would be in the body of my hero. This is the transition from an ordinary normal guy, in love with a girl, into a demon and murderer without any emotion. Imagine that you need to hammer a nail. You will do this as simply and accurately as possible. Simple precise actions. That's how I played my demon", - Alex shared his emotions.

Alex managed to make friends with all the actors who starred in the film // Photo: Press Service

It is noteworthy that the film, whose entire action takes place in the Altai, was filmed in Los Angeles.

By the way, this is by no means the first American work of the artist, whose career in Hollywood is developing very actively. Alex has appeared in several projects, including, two seasons of the popular American TV series Unreal.

In "Mountain Lights" Alex plays not Russian, but quite American student Eric, who together with friends comes to Russia, to Altai, to visit the relatives of his former classmate Karina - a girl from these places, killed in America under mysterious circumstances. This is a story about the confrontation of life's attitudes and responsibility of man for his actions, told in modern language in the best traditions of Hitchcock and "The Ten Negroes."

Alex Sparrow himself wanted to star in the horror film for a long time, knowing well that he would have to overcome his own fears on the set.

"Once, after the night shoots, I did not have the strength to remove my make-up on the court. And I, as was, in blood, went home, dreaming of a warm shower. On the way I drove for water to the gas station. It was seven in the morning, and I was half dead from fatigue, suddenly saw the saleswoman's eyes full of horror, and realized that my face was still in blood. I assured her that everything was fine with me, grabbed my water and left. So, coming home, it was that I tell my girl, "- shared Alex.


He does not intend to stop at what he has achieved. Now he is actively developing in the music and acting spheres abroad, simultaneously trying himself in directing. "I intend to continue to develop in all directions, in which I am moving now. In general, expand, improve everything that I can, and learn something new. And, of course, to achieve the goals, because it is not interesting to work without it , "the actor said.


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