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Alex Sparrow starred in the Netflix series "Space Force"


The Network discusses the role of Alex Sparrow in the TV series "Space Force"

On the Web, viewers discuss the role of Russian musician and actor Alex Sparrow, who starred in the Neflix comedy series "Space Force" along with Steve Carell, John Malkovich and others. In the television show, which premiered at the end of May, he plays the role of Russian observer Yuri Telatovich (his colleagues briefly call him Bobby).

"Friends, our series" Space Force "in just a day broke into the top 3 around the world. Congratulations to our cool team, all of its creators with a super successful take-off," - wrote Alex. Users from Russia and other countries positively rated the actor’s game. According to most, his hero turned out to be one of the cutest and funniest.

“Alex, you're cool, handsome, talented,” @ ulma4ka said.

"I liked the charisma of your character. You look charming on the screen. This proves that you are definitely made to shoot a movie. Great job," @yelenaabdushukurova believes.

“All your scenes are gorgeous and really funny,” @ iam.eva.p noted. “Congratulations. The Bobby you performed was really funny,” @lerochkinin joined the discussion.

“This is very cool. Just from the thought that you came from Russia, worked with such wonderful actors and achieved so much, I want to exclaim“ Wow! ”I respect you for that,” commented @ hoseaherman1943.

"So proud of you. I hope that Netflix will invite you to the next project, since you are a great actor," @ elena_sr99 is sure.

In the series, they talk about General Mark Naird (Steve Carell), who is entrusted with leading a new state project: to form a detachment of soldiers and send him to the moon so that the United States can dominate in space. But the task is more difficult than the main character thought.

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