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Actress Yuliya Snigir about new roles, premieres and donuts at night

Yuliya Snigir in Tom Ford dress and chef Michel Lentz in the kitchen of the restaurant Cristal Room Baccarat

Actress and young mother Yuliya Snigir told Tatler about new roles, premieres and beauty secrets.

You look great at the stove. Can you cook?

This is probably what I would have done seriously, if I hadn't been an actress. Maybe someday I will open a small tavern and the manager will be my dad. I got my cooking skills from him.

Your favorite meal?

Onion soup. Succulent, spicy and salty.

And any diet?

Periodically exclude gluten from the diet. They say it is very harmful. With regard to diet, I learned a long time ago: there is really only secret formulated by Maya Plisetskaya - "not to eat".

For the role of Catherine the Great, you have gained more than ten kilograms. How to gain weight?

I ate donuts with powdered sugar before bedtime. To be honest, I love all junk food, so I really enjoyed this sweet life. I was not really going to talk about it and even more present it as a feat. But it seems the result was too noticeable.

How to get into shape after childbirth?

With the help of the Chinese gymnastics Qigong. It is good that you can do it anywhere and at any time. To begin with, of course, it is better to go to a professional, and only then practice at home.

What else is in your list of beauty secrets?

Beautician of Tori cosmetology center, Elena Monakhovais the only one I trust for all my skincare. She selflessly saves my skin from the effects of fatigue and stress with the help of mesotherapy with vitalazer that helps masks and serums to penetrate more deeply. Lena also selects products for home care. I try not to buy by chance. Although sometimes I use Anne Semonin restoring complex: must-haveafter the shooting in the cold. My other fairy - trichologist Elena Flegontova. I have good hair, but no mask will help after endless torture on the set. Most of the procedures are pleasant, almost soporific. 

Yuliya Snigir in the shirt, black leather jackets, pants and boots by Saint Laurent

You played a lot of historical roles. Why do you like them so much?

And I do not like them. Terribly uncomfortable dress and speech - language is broken. Just kidding! Dresses are really uncomfortable. It's easier to feel a different character when you do not recognize yourself in the mirror, and even talking in a completely different way than in real life. In this sense, each of us is a little actor. In fact, I do not know why I have a lot of historical roles. Perhaps because my face is not very modern: I haven't had lip job, I have no tattoos.

Your nearest premiere?

"Operetta" Comedy serieson NTV. I play a girl who dreamed of becoming an opera diva and has become a detective. I will not disclose all secrets, but had to teach the monologue of Nina Zarechnaya. And I continue shooting in "The Road to Calvary", where I play sister of Anya Chipovskaya. I just love this project: a stunningly talented people working on it. It is very fun and exciting.

Yuliya Snigir in the dress and jewelry by Valentino

You also can be seen in the theater now

Yes, in the play "Mephisto" at the Moscow Art Theater. The story takes place in Germany of the thirties. My character does not want to put up with the tyranny of the new government and went to Paris, where she began to issue anti-fascist newspaper. I'm very sensitive and responsible to this role: come to the theater early to wander around the corridors in the suit. I do not like the hustle and bustle, so I am not so comfortable on set. My dream is to complete the current film projects and fully devote myself to the theater.

What do you like among recent world premieres?

"The Young Pope" series. "La La Lend" doesn't even come close. I'm generally a big fan of director Paolo Sorrentino: concise, clear, clever dialogues in his films is something that is lacking in Russian movies, where the characters often talk incessantly and without meaning.

Yuliya Snigir in the lace dress, headband and earrings by Dolce & Gabbana

Why do you make a rare public appearance?

I have many plans, to show off in the next dress is a waste of time for me.

The best look for the red carpet?

Tuxedo: comfortable and elegant. If you want the best, go to my favorite Saint Laurent boutique.

How would you describe your style?

Very, very discreet. I love the classics, clear cut and perfect fit. I do not tolerate nonsense and pretentiousness.

The shopping must have for this spring?

Arethere robots that can tidying up after me? I would buy! And I want a new dress all the time.

Yuliya Snigir in Alexander McQueen suit

Yuliya Snigir wearing Valentino jewelry


Yuliya Snigir waering Alexander McQueen suit


Yuliya Snigir wearing dress and hewelry by Dolce&Gabbana


Yuliya Snigir in the shirt, black leather jackets, pants and boots by Saint Laurent

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