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15 facts about Adrian Brody - the American who conquered Europe


Everything you need to know about Hollywood's leading chameleon actor

On April 14, 2021 Oscar-winning American actor Adrian Brody turns 48. The Hollywood star has diverse roles and the most prestigious awards in the film industry. Film critics admire Brody's talent - the range of his roles is truly amazing. Adrian brilliantly transforms into an intelligent Jewish pianist, a passionate matador, a cold-blooded killer, a sophisticated artist, or a cynical swindler. We have collected interesting facts about the Hollywood chameleon actor.


1. Adrian Brody was born on April 14, 1973 in one of the most marginal areas of New York - Queens. 


Adrian Brody with his parents

2. With the support of his parents, photojournalist Sylvia Crying and history teacher Eliot Brody, at the age of 12, he began to act as a magician at children's parties. His program was called The Amazing Adrian. Ironically, in 2014, the actor played the most famous illusionist in the world - Harry Houdini. 


Houdini (2014)

3. Because of the trademark look of big sad eyes, many film critics compare the actor to Al Pacino.

4. For his iconic role as a musician in The Pianist, Brody became the first American actor to receive the French César for Best Actor. 


The Pianist (2002)

5. For the role of Vladislav Shpilman ("The Pianist"), Adrian lost 12 kg - for two weeks he ate once a day. Brody's diet consisted of 200 grams of chicken breast and lettuce leaves.

6. In honor of the actor is named one of the asteroids in the solar system - (9974) Brody.

7. On the set of the movie "Summer of Sam" Brody broke his nose, but the actor refused the operation. According to Adrian, the broken nose made him look even more interesting.


Summer of Sam (1999)

8. According to director Stephen Knight (TV series "Peaky Blinders"), the role of the head of the mafia clan Luca Chingretto was written specifically for Adrian. As he noted, the image of Brody has been in his head since the first season of the project. 


Peaky Blinders (2017)

9.Since 2012, the actor has been in a relationship with Russian model Lara Lieto (real name Larisa Tyaka). The couple diligently hides their relationship from the media.

10. According to Keira Knightley, with whom Brody played in the drama about the lost memory of the Gulf War veteran "Jacket", Adrian takes the profession of an actor so seriously that his energy spreads throughout the set and literally immerses him in the plot. 


"Jacket" (2005)

11. The actor had a friendship with the famous rapper Tupac Shakur. They even starred together in the movie Bullet (1996).

12. Adrian Brody has a Chihuahua dog named Chilo. 


13. One of the most striking advertising campaigns with the actor's participation was the H&M Christmas mini-film (2016). It was directed by Wes Anderson, with whom Brody previously worked on The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). 


A fragment from the Christmas advertising campaign for H&M

14. For the role of the Spanish bullfighter in the film Manolete (2007), Adrian decided to get used to the role as much as possible. To do this, he took Spanish lessons for several weeks.

15. According to Brody, he chooses roles that challenge him and take him into depths of human nature that he did not know about.


Manolete (2008)




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