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The girl started dressing like a boy. What should parents do?


Your daughter has grown to prefer jeans and printed T-shirts instead of pink dresses. Is it time for you to worry? No. The child first learns about himself from his parents, and then, at an older age, a feeling of himself appears.

The child forms the first thoughts related to understanding his gender around the age of three. And then he begins to show his preferences in the chosen clothes, for example, he may like the children's hat helmet on So that the child does not have problems with gender awareness, he should be dressed correctly, the girl should not get used to the clothes of the opposite sex. When parents do not pay attention to this, children may have similar problems in the future. In adolescence, a girl needs to communicate with her peers and understand her future destiny, namely her wife and mother.

Nowadays, the unisex style is considered fashionable among teenagers, which is widely advertised by various brands of clothing. Sometimes parents notice that their daughter considers herself a "tomboy" or does not like to wear dresses and skirts, but this does not mean problems or lesbian inclinations, with the right approach and education of your daughter, she will change the style to the correct one - feminine and sexy.


Often, teenagers prefer to dress in loose clothes, thus hiding their developing figure, femininity, thereby being ashamed to show their body that has not yet been formed. Sometimes girls take puberty painfully and make a disaster out of it.

Many of the teenagers during this period talk about how embarrassing they feel, as if everyone knows that they have started menstruating. They are afraid that everyone sees it. During this period, girls are not yet psychologically ready for the attention of boys, their peers or older, who were previously just friends, but now began to show sexual interest in them. When teenagers are not ready for such an attitude, a psychologist should come to the rescue and explain to them about the relationship between a man and a woman. You don't have to worry too much if your daughter prefers to dress in boyish clothes, but remember that she's going through a difficult period at this age and try to help her get through it. Don't be surprised if you start having conflicts or misunderstandings in a relationship, or if your grown-up child doesn't want to obey you.

When your daughter looks at your too feminine style and prefers to dress in trousers, this can be regarded as a provocation or a challenge to you. Whatever the situation, you need to respect the choice of your daughter, if the style of her clothes does not go beyond the bounds of decency. Going into a big conflict will not give anything good, the daughter will move away from you, and she will want to wear boyish clothes for a very long time.

You can try not to pay attention and the desire for such clothes will gradually disappear forever. When your daughter does not have a male model of behavior, then she should not have problems communicating with men.

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