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Xenia Deli came to Moscow to play in the video “Hot” for the young singer Roma Stein

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Over the last month the 26-year-old model Xenia Deli has had time to visit to visit Malaysia, England, Italy, Switzerland and several other countries. But who would have thought that the new wife of 62-year-old Egyptian tycoon would come to Russia! Russian fans of the star were very happy and expressed the hope that they happen to meet a girl on the streets of the capital.

In early June, the Moldovan model Xenia Deli became the wife of the Egyptian president of the business group "Amiral" Ossama Fathi Rabah Ali Sharif. After the wedding with the oligarch she spent the entire first half of the summer traveling around the world.

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Xenia Deli with her friends in Moscow


In Malaysia the wife of a prominent businessman posed on a yacht for a World Swimsuit shoot at Gaya Island Resort. In Egypt she had a rest with her family. In Switzerland and Italy walked along the streets, holding hands with husband ... And suddenly Xenia visited Russia!

Xenia Deli in Saint-Petersburg


At the end of last week she arrived in St. Petersburg and from the city on the Neva River she went to Moscow, where her friends and colleagues, who had been present at the wedding on the island of Santorini, were waiting for her. Meeting some friends, the star of social networks started to work. We are talking about the shooting of the debut video of the young singer Roma Stein for the song "Hot".

​​We can only guess how did the young singer Roma Stein manage to get famous model and billionaire’s wife for the shooting of the debut video, but something tells us that the video with Xenia will turn out very beautiful.

Xenia Deli said that the filming process starts at 8 am


“Hot” will not Deli’s first time in a music video. She has been the featured model in several videos for international artists like Justin Bieber’s “What Do you Mean?”, Russian vocalist Nikolay Baskov’s “Zaya, I Love You” and Moldavian singer Ionel Istrati’s “Wake Me Up".

We are waiting for information about the premiere!

Producer and musician Artik involved in the creation of the new clip featuring Xenia Deli


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