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Where rich Russian kids spend their holidays in summer

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In the summer Instagram feed is full of girls in bikinis, seascapes and images of a wide variety of exotic fruits. We found out where kids of celebrities would spend holidays and from what parts of the world they will send us photos this summer.

Alesya Kafelnikova (17)  


The most famous young Russian model and daughter of tennis player Yevgeny Kafelnikov Alesya KAFELNIKOVA grew up in Sochi, so she prefers to spend holidays there. "Import substitution" - joked her agent and friend Vadim Romanovich. By the way, this summer after Sochi girl goes to Sardinia.


Alexandra Maniovich (18)  


Sasha spends every summer with her family in Saint-Tropez. From there, she posts a photo on which she hides from the sun, along with her close friend Lisa Aminova (18).

Elizabeth Mamiashvili (15) 


Lisa prefers to rest in the Spanish Marbella. Mamiashvili family spends there every summer for 15 years and this place is very cozy. "Incredibly delicious food - Lisa says. - Our house is right on the seafront, there is no more beautiful place! "

Sasha Strizhenova (15)  


Another representative of "Golden Generation" flies every year to the older sister in New York. Sasha prefers creative and sports camps instead of beach parties and engaged in New York's Broadway dance centre.

Diana Manasir (17) 


Heiress of Ziyad Manasir (50), Diana flies to Sardinia. “I have been resting there as long as I can remember”, - she says. - It is the most beautiful sea on earth, the best beaches, restaurants and shops".

Dima Malikov (17)


"We have rested in Italy, Forte dei Marmi, for so many times! I like it for the food, the sea, a large number of friends and activities", - says the nephew of the famous artist Dmitry Malikov (46).

Veronica Fedorova (19)


But Veronica, daughter of the chief editor of the Glamour magazine, Masha Fyodorova, prefers to spend the summer in Moscow. "As soon as everyone's gone to the resorts for the summer, there is more oxygen, and you can safely walk, play ping-pong, skateboarding. With my mother, of course, we go to the sea, but I prefer the capital at this time of the year ", - said Fedorova.

Dominique Ramanauskas (16)


The younger brother of Agnia Ditkovskite (28) for several years visiting the "City of Angels" - Los Angeles. "It turns out that my scheduled lesson falls on a holiday, and I improve English skills. Plus - I play basketball, so I often train in the summer camp IMG. But at the end of the coming of July - early August, my family and I are planning to go to Bali. "

Sarina Turetskaya (19) @sorik

"For six years my big family have a rest in Forte dei Marmi. It is an ideal city, my younger sister loves it. This kind of "big village", where all ride bicycles. It is located near Cannes, Monaco, Florence and Milan. There's a lot of Russian, so I often meet my friends from Moscow ", - said daughter of Mikhail Turetsky (54).


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