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Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze spend a romantic vacation in Venice



Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze spend a romantic vacation in Venice

A few days ago, 39-year-old Vera Brezhneva flew to Italy for a vacation. At first, the singer spent a couple of days in Rome with her mother Tamara Galushka - she has been living in Italy for many years, and her daughter periodically visits her.

Recently, Vera was joined by her 58-year-old husband Konstantin Meladze - together they went on a romantic trip to Venice. Yesterday Brezhneva posted on her Instagram a short video showing how they ride a gondola through the city's canals, enjoy the sunny weather and admire the local sights.

Once in Venice ... - the artist captioned the video.


Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze 


Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze

Followers began to compliment the couple and note that they look great together and are perfect for each other: "Goddess and genius. Nice couple! Be happy. What harmony. Beautiful and happy!"

By the way, today Vera Brezhneva presented her new "Pink Smoke" music video, the release of which she was waiting with special trepidation. On Instagram, she said that fans may find a reflection of her real life in the new music video.

Many people want to know more about my personal life. Savor the details, discuss, compare. But at this point, all anyone knows about her is rumor, speculation, and speculation. Even if there is a reflection of my life in this video, only I know, - Vera wrote.

It is also interesting that according to the plot of the new video, which was shot by the famous Ukrainian video maker Alan Badoev, the heroine of Vera is going through the betrayal of her beloved. Not without a fountain of champagne and Brezhneva's hot dances on the bar - however, see for yourself! 


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