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Valery Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva with their sons on holidays in Dubai


Albina Dzhanabaeva

While Konstantin Meladze and his wife Vera Brezhneva are on holidays at one of the prestigious ski resorts, his younger brother Valery also spends time with his family on vacation. True, for the January holidays, the 55-year-old singer, along with 41-year-old lover Albina Dzhanabaeva and sons Konstantin and Luka, chose a hotter resort: they went to Dubai.

Valery and Albina flew off before the New Year and the holiday itself was celebrated in one of the most luxurious hotels in the UAE. Since the beginning of January, Dzanabaeva has posted on her Instagram several pictures and videos taken on the beach and in the pool. Albina admitted that she was very happy with the sun and was already beginning to miss it until the beginning of spring. Somewhere, after all, there is another reality: parallel, solar, - wrote Albina under one of her pictures.

The star family also went to Dubai because of a concert of Valery Meladze, which he gave on Christmas in a hotel that occupies 11 floors of the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Together with the singer that day, the renewed line-up of the group "VIA Gra" performed on the same stage: the girls sang both their new song "Ricochet" and all the old hits of the group. Albina Dzhanabaeva was also present at the concert. Beloved of Meladze was sitting at one of the tables for guests and managed to capture on video the landscape opening from the tallest multi-storey building in the world. Mom, I'm in Dubai, ”Albina said in the video with a smile on her face.

Yesterday Albina and Valery, together with their children, went on an excursion in a real desert. In her stories and feed, Dzhanabaeva spoke about an unforgettable trip. In the same place, on one of the short videos, the singer captured her youngest son Luka: in the video, a six-year-old boy happily runs through the desert. During this excursion, the celebrity family also watched the training of the birds of prey and took some memorable photos.

Albina Dzhanabaeva

Сын Альбины Джанабаевой и Валерия Меладзе Лука

Son of Albina Dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze Luka PHOTOS Instagram

Альбина Джанабаева



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