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Valentine's day in Paris

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When you visit Paris in the spring, your heart grows lighter. It warms your heart when you take deep breaths of the thin, cool morning Parisian air. You feel the smell of Valentine's Day - the feast which had already entered the city. This holiday is special - it encourages your imagination and makes ransacking the stores for present to your loved ones.

Those who create these unusual and joyful gifts ("cadeaux") become good fairies, coming at the right moment to help people in love. In Paris at this time everybody in a hurry to buy a nice gift as a token of love and goodwill. That day chic ladies can be seen on the Place Vendome in expensive boutiques, buying a very expensive jewelry. They honestly believe that these rare and very beautiful things were given them by their husbands. They just had to help them with a difficult choice. And they were succeeded!

laduree in paris

But especially a lot of residents near the sweet-shops, full of confectionery temptations, where young saleswoman with infinite care wrap delicious cakes in branded bags or boxes, tied exquisitely with beautiful ribbons. Luxury shop windows, where the shelves are full of pastries and cakes, satisfy any fantasy. But the greatest pleasure is "macaroon" - very tasty little meringue, created in different color schemes to suit all tastes. Tasting "macaroon" you hear a gentle pleasant crunch and then the sugar fragments stay in the corners of the lips, creating a subtle sweet taste, which brings the divine pleasure. Confectioners who created this "masterpiece" invested in it part of their soul, and the saleswoman in starched white aprons with a polite smile on their fresh happy faces sell these sweets to us.

laduree macarons

Among these beautiful "nymphs", Michèle stood out. Fragile and young, she packaged macaroons with her delicate fingers in a beautiful box with a festive logo. Young men often approached her and asked to wrap delicious gifts for their loved ones. And she wrapped these fragile delicious pastries fondly and with a great pleasure. Perhaps approaching her, many men would like her to be wrapped in pretty paper instead of cakes, but they did not suspect that in the soul of this cute fragile girl was going on! She always dreamt to have a boyfriend who’d give her a sweet gift, because she deserved it so much!

And once, on the eve of Valentine's Day, when a light evening came and lovers quickly went to celebrate this unusual glamorous holiday, she saw a young man who stood by the counter for a long time and could not decide what to buy. He was so focused that his face was sweating. Michèle offered him her help. He glanced at her and a flash of warm mutual feelings that was hypnotic, significant, passed between them and ignited the light in their eyes. They immediately felt some gentle and warm emotional relationship, which is so necessary for the two loving hearts! This young man turned out to be a Conservatory student and his name was Yves. Tall and slim brunette with regular features, with beautiful subtlety fingers, Yves began to touch the buttons of his topcoat. Michèle nearly made him blush with excitement, when he saw her closer and his wondering eyes had been watching girl’s every movement.

laduree macarons

Then Michèle began to offer him the most delicious pastries, that she would like to taste the most. Yves happily and warmly thanked her for services. Having packed macaroons neatly, Michelle handed him a beautiful branded box. But to her surprise, the young man, paying for cakes at the box office, suddenly gave her this nice gift! Yves offered Michèle to accompany him after work and visit the wonderful cafe which he really liked. "Café de Flore" - his favorite place in Paris and he was happy to come back there, especially in the company of such a cute lady. Weeping openly with happiness, Michèle was happy! Lamour toujours!

Valentine's day in Paris

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