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Travel rules of the top model Valery Kaufman



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The top model and face of the advertising campaign Pinko Valery Kaufman told about her favorite places and some items she's found to be indispensable during her travels.

This story is not about Cinderella or the wonderful reincarnation of the "ugly duckling". Muscovite Valery Kaufman is in the spotlight from childhood. Dancing, beauty and talent contests, tours around the world - a smart and charming girl firmly knew she had chosen the right path to success. At 15, she sent her photos to several modeling agencies in New York. 

The first "lottery ticket" was a winning one - Valery was invited to cast in Tom Ford. Kaufman walked in Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Elie Saab, Christian Dior, Giambattista Valli, Armani, Valentino fashion shows etc. She owes her trademark "sharp" look to the advice of designer Alexander Wang who said her "to look as if you want to hit someone". In 2016, she put on the angelic wings of Victoria's Secret and was recognized by Patrick Demarchelier, who called her "the new Twiggy the Cane." It is no wonder, that journeys and numerous departures occupy a significant part of her life. Free from work and flights time, she devotes to self-improvement. For example, she reads Russian classics. Not so long ago, Valery graduated from the Academy of Cinematography, and is now studying art history at one of the universities in New York. The last time Valery's success is connected not only with the profession - according to rumors, one of the top 50 models of the world is cozying up with the Oscar-winning Jared Leto. The fans are waiting with bated breath for an official confirmation of the romantic relationship.


"Wherever I go, I always find time to stop off at a souvenir shop for a mug." 

CARE: Moisturizing ritual

"The main beauty rule for flights is abundant hydration. I try to drink as much water as possible, apply thermal water to my face, make special masks, and sometimes even take a small air humidifier with me. " 


"As a woman who is constantly on the road, it is important for me that the bag is stylish and versatile. The ideal partner is the Love Bag from Pinko. " 


"The most spectacular and favorite shows I have - Victoria's Secret and Saint Laurent." Impressions


"The ideal destination for the restoration of forces is the most sacred place where one can find harmony between the soul and the body." 


"I love massage and sauna! All the best spa places are in Italy and New York. "


"With a suitcase it's simple - the more roomy it is, the better, of course." 


"I never part with my favorite necklace." Decoration


"All the places I've been to, mean a lot to me, but my heart belongs to Brazil - bright, interesting and full of adventure." Brazil



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