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They live together in Paris: Renata Litvinova showed her new beloved


 According to rumors, some time ago the actress broke up with Zemfira, a recognized foreign agent. Today the blonde showed with whom she spends time in France.

A few days ago, persistent rumors spread in the press that 56-year-old Renata Litvinova and 47-year-old Zemfira* Ramazanova had finally broken up. Allegedly, some time ago a black cat ran between friends. Now the singer of the super hit “Do You Want” is having fun with a brutal macho . Litvinova was not left alone either. Today, on her official Telegram channel, the blonde showed off her new favorite.

It turned out that in Paris Renata Litvinova was spending time with 42-year-old Zinaida Pronchenko. This is a famous Russian journalist and film critic, author of a number of popular publications about cinema and culture. Last year, the woman announced she was moving to France. Prior to this, Pronchenko signed a collective letter condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine. By the way, socialite Ksenia Sobchak even called Zinaida Pronchenko “the new Divine Rynskaya.” Litvinova posted a black and white photo of herself posing next to her protégé. Netizens began to actively comment on the photo. “Impossible”, “What a style”, “So charming”, “Beauty”, “Men in Black”, “The best as always, good luck at the performance!”, “Zina has a good face, real, without masks, it’s already pleasing to the eye” , “Renata, you are a goddess”, “Spectacular women”, “This is wonderful,” say Litvinova’s subscribers. Prolapsed kidneys and hormonal problems: doctors are shocked by what is happening to Renata Litvinova Let us add that several months ago Litvinova visited Russia to visit her elderly mother.

However, the actress does not hide her desire to settle in Europe. With the money she earned in our country, Renata purchased a cozy apartment in the center of Paris.

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