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“The wedding was played in Miami”: Lazarev’s partner Alex Malinovsky showed off an engagement ring


Alex Malinovsky, known for his friendship with Sergei Lazarev, seems to have played a wedding. On a fresh video on Instagram  the artist showed off the ring on the ring finger.

Malinovsky flashed his wedding ring as if by accident. The artist simply showed how he walks around Moscow, and at some point extended his hand to the camera.

The picture with Malinovsky showing off the ring instantly scattered across the fan-publics. Seeing the ring, Alex's fans were delighted. The people wish family happiness to their favorite and wonder who became his chosen one, because Malinovsky was not in a relationship. Alex was last seen with a girl in Miami. The blond girlfriend of the artist came to the United States to wish him a happy birthday. Then Alex was resting abroad with his partner in crypto business and creativity Sergey Lazarev. The singer's fans decided that it was in Miami that the wedding was played. 



“I knew that it was not just a trip to Miami”, “Handsome! Let him be happy! “The wedding was definitely played in Miami, he was very happy there,” “This is what Malinovsky gives. Well, advice and love, ”wrote Alex's fans.

However, there were also those who doubted that Malinovsky was married. Like, with such publicity, he would never have been able to hide the chosen one from prying eyes. Lazarev's partner Alex Malinovsky exposed his 27-centimeter penis in front of a crowd of people The singer threw a chic party. The theme of the evening was space, but Malinovsky himself dressed up in a strange costume, either Koshchei, or a spermatozoon.

“Yes, he’s PR again, look how he accidentally flashed this ring into the camera”, “He doesn’t know what to think of to write about him”, “Most likely, they shot it on a SLR, and the ring is actually on the left hand”, “ I don't believe he got married. In general, they say that he is not for girls, ”said netizens.

Alex himself has not yet commented on the video and what his ring on the ring finger means. Malinovsky continues to talk about his business and work as if nothing had happened.

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