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The son of Timati and Anastasia Reshetova has a "bride", with whom she travels on a private jet



The one-year-old son of rapper Timati and former model Anastasia Reshetova has long become a Runet star, and many netizens do not hide that they visit the pages of famous parents often only to admire the adorable baby and rejoice at his achievements. Many acquaintances and friends of celebrities are also crazy about their heir. For example, 37-year-old actress Natalya Rudova already considers Ratmir to be her fiancé. And now the "couple" went on a journey. On December 29, the artist posted on Instagram a touching shot taken in the cabin of a private jet.

Apparently, Natalia and Ratmir get along well. They were dressed in paired bows - cozy tracksuits - with the only difference that the boy was dressed in black, and his companion chose white. The child nestled comfortably on the lap of his mother's friend and laughed fervently. Rudova herself looked no less happy. 


“Finally, my man took me to Dubai,” - she wrote. @ volkonskaya.reshetova

Netizens appreciated the joke and wished the actress a good holiday. “That's what I understand, cool man”, “Eh, with such a handsome man, even in Dubai, even in Gelendzhik! All for happiness ”,“ The sweetest boy in the world. Natalya, I envy you that he flies with you "," Whoa, who is your "daddy"," Oh, lucky! Young. You can bring up for yourself, ”the followers wrote in the comments.


@ volkonskaya.reshetova


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