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The son of Russian Deputy threw a lavish wedding at a medieval castle on the French Riviera

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Son of Russian Deputy Matiushenko got married in France.

Wedding of the son of the Deputy of the Krasnoyarsk Anatoly Matiushenko took place in a medieval castle on the French Riviera.

Photos, taken at the ceremony by the son of another people's representative, Nikita Vladimirov, were posted on the Web.

At the ceremony guests were offered a variety of specialties: scallops fried with lemon and lemon balm, and fricassee of chanterelles as a main dish - beef fillet with seasonal truffles, mashed red potatoes "Rozeval", tomatoes, roasted with thyme and lemon, or fillet of sea bass with Provencal "Barigul" sauce. Next on the list was the lemon sorbet, dessert buffet and wedding cake, writes "Taiga info".

The medieval Château de Robinё, in which the celebration took place, is located near Cotignac in the province of Provence - Alpes - Cote d'Azur. The castle has more than a dozen bedrooms, the chateau is surrounded by olive groves and vineyards and produces several kinds of wine. Ten years ago, the house changed hands and was renovated. 

Château de Robinё is very popular wedding venue among Russian VIP newlyweds. For example, it is known, that the wedding of famous TV presenter and model Elena Kuletskaya took place there 2 years ago.

The exact price of the wedding is not known, but a few years ago, the castle can be rented for 9,5 thousand euros per day.

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