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Svetlana Khodchenkova travels through Spain and shares atmospheric pictures



This summer for 35-year-old Svetlana Khodchenkova turned out very eventful.  She barely returned from Georgia, where she enjoyed local beauty and culture, when she went to Spain for the same. Now the Russian actress is on holidays in Marbella, a popular Spanish resort town. 

Svetlana shares vacation pictures, which, we must say, are very atmospheric, stylish and gentle. 

And, of course, what a vacation without hot shots! Svetlana's followers are also pleased and delighted by her slim figure and ideal abc.

In the pictures she poses alone. However, as noted by the fallovers, it is likely that an actress is traveling with a lover whom he simply does not want to show to the public yet.

"The photographer is an artist, a subtle vision. Oh, lucky photographer", - wrote Khodchenkova's followers.

It seems that the new affair inspired Svetlana Khodchenkova so much that the actress wants to show the whole world how beautiful and beloved she is. During her previous holidays the girl did not spoil the fans with her photo in a swimsuit, then on the Spanish holidays the actress does nothing but demonstrate her ideal figure in a swimsuit. Now Svetlana has a rest in Marbella and hints in every way that it is a romantic vacation.


Since the film "Bless the Woman", Khodchenkova has changed a lot. She lost weight and became more fit. In pictures in the social network, she poses in mini-shorts and a bikini, demonstrating her harmony. This picture is now one of the most fashionable trends of instagram and Khodchenkova did not refuse to do it.

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"Sveta, you are a man's dream!", "Extremely good in all its manifestations", "Figure-bomb!", "Russian Nicole Kidman ", "I think Spanish men will go mad with such beauty, you must be protected


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