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Sergei Lazarev's fight with a girl. The scandalous footage with the singer is being discussed on the web


Sergey Lazarev is one of the few Russian artists who almost never gets into scandals and is reputed to be a decent guy and an exemplary father of two children. Therefore, the public was incredibly surprised when a video of the singer's fight with an unknown girl appeared on the Web.

In a small video filmed with a hidden camera, you can see how Lazarev and his companion enter the apartment and begin to sort things out. It becomes clear that the couple returned from a social event, because the singer is dressed in a black suit, and his chosen one is in an evening dress. At some point, the quarrel intensifies, and the girl rushes at Sergei with her fists, and he, trying to defend himself, grabs her by the arms and tries to pacify. At this point, the video ends.

However, the artist's fans were not given a chance to take care of the idol's reputation: it quickly became clear that the scandalous video was posted by the singer himself and the footage was taken from his new video "Snow in the Ocean". The director was the well-known video maker Alan Badoev, who worked on a rather spectacular video of Lazarev for the song "Surrender".

By the way, the artist now has a very busy work schedule due to his participation in the show "Dancing with the Stars". The singer is forced to train daily with his partner Ekaterina Osipova in order to adequately perform in the project. So it's amazing that he found the time to shoot the video. But, perhaps, the performer spent time in Bali on New Year's holidays that he is now full of energy.


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