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Sea, yacht and love: Nastya Kamenskih and Potap's vacations on the coast



Instagram / Maria Sharapova

Alexei Potapenko and Nastya Kamenskikh

Despite the onset of the calendar autumn, many stars continue to extend their summer with travel. Among those who are now spend time under the palm trees and the scorching sun are 33-year-old Nastya Kamenskikh and her 39-year-old husband and part-time producer Alexei Potapenko. About a week ago, the star couple flew to rest to the sea. Nastya and Alexei do not tell where exactly they spend their vacation, but their followers have several options at once: Cyprus, Turkey and Italy. Every day, the singer and producer post new pictures and stories on their Instagram, in which they tell how their holidays are going.




Nastya Kamenskih and Potap

Nastya does not forget to wish her followers good morning every day, posting new pictures in a bikini. On vacation, Kamenskih also manages to give his followers advice on how to keep himself in good shape. For example, she recently shared a few secrets to keep her from overeating.

Breakfast provides energy for the whole day, so it should not be skipped. In the morning, I always eat solid and balanced. I usually have breakfast with granola with unflavored goat yogurt or oatmeal in water with grated apple and nuts. I never eat while watching a movie or while reading. And I generally don't pick up the phone while I'm eating. After all, when we are distracted by something in the process of eating, it is very easy for us not to notice that we are overeating. There are no bowls of candy or cookies in my house. Only fruits, berries and nuts. So there is no temptation to eat something harmful. This rule is violated only with the arrival of guests - then bowls with sweets appear in the house (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. - Ed.), - said Nastya, also adding that she drinks a lot of water and always goes to bed on time.


In his vacation notes, Kamenskih not only shares beauty secrets, but also confesses his love to her husband. The singer, who recently presented her first Spanish-language album Eclеctica and thanks to this, appeared on the pages of the Spanish edition of HOLA !, published a photo from a boat trip with Potap, and expressed her gratitude to her husband for everything he does for her:

I am grateful to you for every kiss, every sweet hug and loving look! Thank you for appreciating, understanding and always there. What a joy to be a part of each other and to be able to create together! My new and first Spanish-language album is a masterpiece because you, my genius, had a hand in it! Thank you for every note, sound, word and, most importantly, soul that you put into these songs. I know that the strength is in us and together we will conquer the Universe.



We will remind, the romance of Nastya Kamenskih and Alexey Potapenko began when they were still performing together in the group "Potap and Nastya". For almost 10 years, the lovers hid their relationship from the public, and in 2018 they finally announced that they had been happy and loved each other for a long time. In the same year, Nastya and Alexei got married in one of the out-of-town restaurants in Kiev. ■



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