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Saved on children: Pugacheva and Galkin celebrated their twins’ birthday very modestly in Israel




Pugacheva and Galkin saved money on their twins’ birthday in Israel

Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin*, who left Russia, celebrated the birthday of their twins Lisa and Harry, who turned ten years old. Before moving to Israel, every celebration was held on a grand scale, but now the family, apparently, is saving a lot, so the celebration consisted of only barbecues in the yard and family gatherings, writes


Maxim Galkin and Harry. Photo © Instagram

Pugacheva and Galkin very modestly celebrated their children’s birthday in Israel. Video © Instagram/ maxgalkinru


Galkin shared footage from the family holiday on social networks. The comedian posted a photo with Harry, showed the Diva with Lisa, and also posted two videos. On one, they and their son prepare a grill for cooking meat, fish and sausages. The boy worked so hard fanning the coals that he even got dirty with soot.

“Well, great! That’s what I understand - it’s a birthday!” - Galkin said off-screen while Harry fanned the coals.

And in another video, Galkin showed the celebration itself. For dessert there was a birthday cake with candles blown out by the birthday boys. At the same time, the family congratulated the twins, singing Happy birthday to you. Diamond Fund of Diva's Lovers: The truth about Alla Pugacheva's passions has surfaced Diamond Fund of Diva's Lovers: The truth about Alla Pugacheva's passions has surfaced

We previously told why Pugacheva and Galkin will never divorce. According to the lawyer, the showman's marriage to the Diva will preserve his status as a foreign agent. In addition, Pugacheva is exactly the closest person to Galkin, he definitely won’t get away from her anywhere and for nothing.

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