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Pavel Durov lives in one of the most expensive villas in Dubai




Pavel Durov, who moved to the United Arab Emirates a few years ago, settled in a villa, the rent of which costs about one million dollars a year, according to Forbes. The house is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Dubai - the Jumeirah Islands complex.

The billionaire lives in a five-bedroom villa with an area of ​​​​about 1,400 square meters, the sources said. According to the source, Durov rents the house for about $83,000 a month. Thus, his villa is one of the most expensive in the area.


Jumeirah Islands Jumeirah Islands/

It is noted that after moving to Dubai in 2017, Pavel Durov lived in different parts of the city near the main office of the Telegram company he founded in the Dubai Media City free economic zone. Earlier, Durov, recalls the publication, published a manifesto against excessive consumption, arguing that he prefers to spend money on creation, rather than the purchase of yachts, aircraft and expensive real estate.

The move of Pavel Durov is discussed in the telegram. "Pavel Durov is now renting a villa on Palma for $1 million a year. This is a 1,400-meter house with five bedrooms. Previously, the businessman preferred to rent apartments in hotels, but maybe he decided to expand," writes the FlyBuhay channel.

The news has already been commented on by the ex-wife of Guf Aiza, who said that she had once “rejected” Durov in vain. “Many years ago, he showed attention to me, put me on the wrong one,” she writes on social networks. The channel "Only to Nobody" noted that, most likely, Pavel showed signs of attention to Aiza even before he became a billionaire, "otherwise Aiza would hardly have missed a promising IT specialist with several million dollars in his pocket."

Last year, Forbes recognized Pavel Durov as the richest man in the UAE. Shortly before this, the entrepreneur received the citizenship of this country, which was vigorously discussed on the network, since UAE passports are issued extremely rarely.

Pavel Durov has been living in Dubai for several years . In 2017, he opened the Telegram headquarters there. The office is located on the 23rd floor of one of the Dubai Media City (DMC) free economic zone skyscrapers in the emirate's capital. Durov then called the absence of taxes one of the main reasons for transferring business to Dubai. The entrepreneur's fortune is estimated at $15.1 billion.


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