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Paparazzi caught Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton in Paris


After romantic dates in Rome and Madrid, the lovers decided to continue their journey.

Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton's affair made a splash in the media and social networks. The paparazzi are constantly chasing lovers, so they can't be left alone. After romantic dates in Rome and Madrid, the celebrity couple decided to continue their journey and went to Paris. Photographers captured Monica and Tim during a walk. You can see the photo here .

Bellucci and Burton are staying at the Ritz. Upon learning of this, street photographers began to wait for them. However, the stars did not want to appear in public together. They left the hotel separately. Most likely, lovers do not want to draw too much attention to their relationship.

The affair of Monica Bellucci and Tim Burton became known after the French newspaper Paris Match placed a photo from a date of the stars on the cover . Soon, footage appeared on the Web in which the actress and director were kissing. They say that the lovers have been together for four months. They bonded last October at the Lumiere Brothers Film Festival.



Tim Burton has been married once. The only wife of the film director was the photographer Lena Geiske. They got married in February 1989 and divorced in December 1991. In 1992, he became engaged to dancer Lisa Marie, but in 2001 he left her for actress Helena Bonham Carter. In the same year, Burton and Bonham Carter got engaged, in 2003 they had a son, Billy Ray, in 2007, a daughter, Nell. In 2014 they broke up.

Monica Bellucci was married twice: to photographer Claudio Carlos Basso and actor Vincent Cassel. From the second marriage, the actress has two daughters - 18-year-old Deva and 12-year-old Leonie. Monica and Vincent managed to maintain good relations after the dissolution of the marriage in 2013. Their common children accepted and fell in love with their father's new wife, model Tina Kunaki, and their biological younger sister by father, Amazoni . In April, the baby turned three years old, but her parents carefully hide her from the public. Also last year, Vincent and Virgo celebrated the 25th anniversary of Tina Kunaki together and gladly published joint pictures.



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