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«Pale copy of Zhukova»: with whom does Roman Abramovich fly and rest?


Roman Abramovich and Dasha Zhukova broke up more than four years ago. During this time, the multimillionaire has never introduced his new companion to the public. However, a man is often seen in the society of young beauties. Who now occupies a special place in the heart of Abramovich?

Not so long ago, the Network whispered that a man was not indifferent to a certain Elena Nabiulinova. The girl is engaged in confectionery products, but at the same time adheres to proper nutrition. They say that it was on this topic that Elena and Roman began to communicate. In a short time, Abramovich added the girl to membership in his elite golf club. And after a while he was already flying with her on a private plane. For many, such facts simply did not leave a chance to doubt that Elena – is a new lover of the multimillionaire.

However, not everyone believes that based on these facts, such conclusions can be drawn. Allegedly, a businessman often gives friends membership in his club and flies on airplanes. Critics also went through Elena’s appearance. They believe that her type is very reminiscent of Dasha Zhukov. But at the same time they call Nabiulina « a pale copy of ».

“Pale Copy”, “ A pathetic parody of Zhukova, ” write netizens.



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