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Nyusha went on a romantic trip to Nice with her boyfriend

Singer Nyusha has always kept her personal life a secret and has not shared photographs of her boyfriend in social networks. At this time, the star has pleased fans with intriguing photos with her loved one. Boyfriend of the singer is an adviser to the president of the International University Sports Federation Igor Sivov.

Nyusha has already introduced him to her parents. The singer shared a picture of her boyfriend on her Instagram.

So, Sivov now lives in Switzerland, the lovers try to find time in their busy schedules to be alone.

Once they "caught" by paparazzi during dinner in Moscow, and now they have gone on a romantic holiday to Nice. And though no official announcement has been made, but singer did not deny, that Igor became the man who changed her life.

Nyusha went on a romantic trip with her boyfriend Igor who was already married and has two children.

Nyusha shared on her microblog romantic photos with the caption: "Where, I do not know ...." and with hashtag #loveisintheair - "Love is in the air".

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