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“Now I can have many wives?”: Egor Kreed left Russia and became a resident of the UAE


The 27-year-old singer received a residence permit in the United Arab Emirates. Egor Kreed plans to start his own harem.

The rapper has chosen sunny Dubai. The musician received UAE residency. The artist announced the good news, showing a photo from a hot country. In the picture, he poses in traditional Arab clothing in front of a snow-white Rolls-Royce car. The ex-Black Star member looks relaxed and happy. In another photo, Egor shows off his Russian passport with an Arab visa stuck in it.

The ex-participant of the show "The Bachelor" is still single, so he was pleased with the possibility of polygamy in an Arab country. Now Egor Kreed dreams of his own harem. UAE resident. PS Now I can have many wives? he asked playfully.


Egor Kreed became a resident of the UAE Egor Kreed became a resident of the UAE

The performer of the hit "The Girl from the Picture" will now have the opportunity to continuously stay in the Emirates for up to three years. When the visa expires, the artist will be able to renew the document. To obtain a residence permit, you need to open a business in the UAE, get a job in Dubai or buy real estate there worth more than 270 thousand dollars.

Egor Kreed was a frequent guest of the United Arab Emirates. Together with colleagues, he often came to Dubai. In November, the actor of the film "(NOT) the ideal man" together with the singer Klava Koka spent a vacation in the city of sheikhs. The artists rode ATVs across the desert, looked at camels and sunbathed.


Egor Creed often rests in Dubai Egor Creed often rests in Dubai

Joint pictures from the rest sparked affair rumors. However, colleagues did not comment on these speculations. Kreed often says that he dreams of finding happy love.

In 2021, the rapper met with the famous tiktoker and singer Valya Karnaval. The separation of the couple turned out to be scandalous: the artist recorded a track in which he accused the girl of hypocrisy and betrayal. Karnaval did not remain silent and also answered with a song, exposing Egor as an abuser. For a long time, the ex-lovers teased each other on social networks. The blogger admitted that she did not expect such a wave of negativity from Kreed.


Valya Karnaval had a hard time breaking up with Egor Kreed Valya Karnaval had a hard time breaking up with Egor Kreed

Many celebrities took the side of Valya Karnaval in the conflict, as the ex-boyfriend told the details of her intimate life.  The tiktoker herself tried to make a video message, but burst into tears in front of the camera..

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