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Nikki Reed's ex-boyfriend Pavel Priluchnyy is on holidays in Crimea with Miroslava Karpovich and children

Павел Прилучный отдыхает в Крыму вместе с Мирославой Карпович и детьми: "Начался новый этап"


Pavel Priluchny / Miroslava Karpovich

Rumors continue to circulate in the Russian press and on the Internet about the affair of 32-year-old Pavel Priluchnyy and his 34-year-old colleague in the play "Enemy Cosmetics" Miroslava Karpovich. Talk about these relations began after Pavel and Miroslava were spotted together at the exit from the capital's shopping center.

The other day, fans and journalists have new evidence of this romantic connection. In the telegram channel "Only to anyone" there was a picture from a vacation in the Crimea, which captured Miroslava, Pavel, as well as his two children and a beloved pet. In the photo they all go together from the boat to the shore. The other day Priluchnyy and Karpovich went to dinner at the champagne of Snezhana Georgieva and, according to eyewitnesses, looked like as a couple.

Павел Прилучный с сыном Тимофеем на отдыхе в Крыму

Pavel Priluchnyy with his son Timofei on vacation in Crimea

All this time Pavel Priluchnyy remained silent, but after publishing his photographs from the Crimea in the press he could not restrain himself and published an emotional post on his instagram in which he asked journalists and fans not to get into his personal life. In his appeal, the actor also indicated that after a divorce from Agatha Muceniece, a new stage began in his life, but he did not consider it necessary to share any details on this topic with the public.

"Dear friends, followers, haters, trollers, media and other honorable public! Recently, a lot of rumors have circulated around my personal life. In order to dispel them once and for all and stop introducing yourself into my space, I want you to understand - I never liked and don't like to put everything out in public. A new stage has begun in my life a long time ago, which does not imply your direct participation in it. I’m the same person as you, and I am absolutely sure that you, like me, would hardly be impressed with spreading rumors, attributing non-existent stories, insulting my relatives and other slander against me. And I would really like to wish you spend less time on me and as much as possible on yourself, your home, your environment and your personal life. Never judge by assuming - you did not know and do not know anything about me. And I don't care what you think of me. Also, a new stage implies that I want to avoid photographing in public with strangers as much as possible, my profession is my profession. This page will now be dedicated to children, news reports about new projects and travels.  - Priluchny addressed his followers and journalists.

Павел Прилучный с дочерью Мией на отдыхе в Крыму

Pavel Priluchny with his daughter Mia on vacation in Crimea Recall that last week Miroslava Karpovich also gave a short comment about the rumors about their romance with Pavel Priluchny. The star of "Daddy's daughters" admitted that for many years in the profession she learned to ignore hate attacks (now the girl is actively insulted on the net because of rumors about the affair with Pavel). Karpovich recalled that she had never shared with journalists the details of her personal life, and assured that she was not going to make an exception in this case.

Мирослава Карпович

Miroslava Karpovich

And while Pavel, together with his son Matvey, daughter Mia and Miroslava, spends time in Crimea, the ex-wife of the actor, Agatha Muceniece, restores physical and moral health in one of the sanatoriums near Moscow. The actress sunbathes, bathes in the pool, enjoys the fresh air, watches TV shows, goes to the bathhouse and adheres to a special detox program. Agatha is happy to share the results of her weight loss on Instagram, and the subscribers, in turn, joke that in doing so, the actress wants to show her ex-husband whom he lost.  Now she is only ironic on this subject: for example, the other day she published a funny video in which she calls the mannequin from the store “her boyfriend”.

Агата Муцениеце

Agata Mutsenietse


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