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Natalia Vodianova travels in Greece

​​Наталья Водянова путешествует по Греции

Natalia Vodianova

If during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the stars strictly adhered to the self-isolation regime, froze all their current major projects and tried not to leave home unless absolutely necessary, then with the arrival of the second wave, they are in no hurry to pause life.

For example, 38-year-old Natalia Vodianova went to Greece over the weekend to shoot another advertising campaign. The top model told about her fascinating journey, posting several stories, photos and videos from the set.

Наталья Водянова

Natalia Vodianova

Наталья Водянова

The working process itself took place on one of the deserted beaches during sunset.

It is not yet known with which brand Vodianova worked this time, but in new pictires she is seen posing in a brown cardigan from Balmain.

The end of a great working weekend, - Natalia wrote  on Instagram, in which she partially showed the workflow.

Horses, which were specially brought to Greece from Hungary, became other full-fledged participants in the new shooting with the model. Vodianova sincerely admired the grace and efficiency of the horses and admitted that they were no less tired in the process of work than she and her colleagues. These beauties came specially from Hungary. Their next stop will be Abu Dhabi, where they will be filming a new installment in the Mission: Impossible film series. And I also thought that I had a busy schedule ... - said Natalia.

Фото из инстаграма Натальи Водяновой

Before plunging into work, Natalia Vodianova devoted herself entirely to her family. Even before the introduction of strict quarantine, her beloved grandmother Larisa Gavrilovna came to visit the star granddaughter in France. Together with her, children, friends and husband Antoine Arnault, Natalia entertained herself with trips to the forest to pick mushrooms, and then proudly showed full baskets with a delicious "catch" on her instagram. .

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