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Natalia Vodianova posed for the photo project #FollowMeTo

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Natalia Vodianova joined the #FollowMeTo project of Murad and Natalia Osmann, which won the love of Instagram users around the world. Supermodel was captured during her charity ball, which was held in the framework of the Paris Fashion Week.

A lot of international celebrities, led by Kanye West arrived at Love Ball, arranged in collaboration with Louis Vuitton Fondation, which organized a billionaire Bernard Arnault.

And while Ksenia Sobchak was trying to make the selfie with the husband of Kim Kardashian, Vodianova made another unique picture for #FollowMeTo project. Unlike the original shots which show a woman holding her husband's hand and leading him around, Vodianova is seen holding the hand of Natalia Osmann. By the way, for historical photo Natalia Ossmann chose a dress from the Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko made of Eletski lace. The picture on the project is intended to draw the world's attention to Vodianova’s Foundation, which works to save sick children. The picture was published with hashtag "nakedheartfoundation".

Unusual photo with a celebrity has clocked up a staggering 94 thousand 'likes' since being posted only 3 hours ago.

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