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Natalia Vodianova on a family vacation on the East Coast of the United States

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Super model and super-mom Natalia Vodianova decided to take a vacation and went to the sea with her children and husband.

In the midst of the holiday season, many of us can not wait to get out of the stuffy office, get on a plane and go far away to enjoy the sea and sun. We should follow Natalia Vodianova's example. Two months, only two (!) have passed since the birth of the fifth child, and mother of many children Natalia Vodianova is already involved the active social life.

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... Just three weeks after giving birth, she took part in the Givenchy show... .

.. A month later she visited Ulyana Sergeenko couture show with her daughter Neva ...

... She visited the Dior fashion show, and a little later became the hostess of the Love Ball charity evening…

She shared to Instagram a photo with the caption "The first day of summer". (Natalia - driving a golf cart), photo @natasupernova

However even a superwoman needs a rest, and after such an active summer Natalia took a vacation. At the moment, the supermodel in the company of her children and civil husband Antoine Arnault spends vacation on the East Coast of the United States.

Natalia and her son, Victor, photo @natasupernova

In the photo, published on Instagram Natalia is seen with her children on the beach. "On the bar with Vityok. Who are you hanging out in the yard? Her fans, of course, couldn't help but admire the flawless figure of the model and congratulate her on the long-awaited vacation.

Natalia Vodianova and Mariacarla Boscono with children padlbordah

However, soon the Italian supermodel Mariacarla Boscono with her daughter Marialucas joined the family. Young mothers were sunbathing, walking along the beach and even managed to play on the swing.

One day Mariacarla even a ride all the children on mini quads. Marialucas was getting on very nicely with children of Natalia.

Also Vodianova’s assistant Timon Afinsky joined Natalia and her family and arranged for her mini photo shoot on the beach.

Fragments of a photo shoot with Natalia Vodianova

Fragments of a photo shoot with Natalia Vodianova 

Later supermodel went to Connecticut country house of photographer Charles Thompson and his wife - a socialite and co-founder of the brand Tissus Tartares Olga. The famous jeweler Petr Axenoff stayed with them. They were preparing a barbecue, enjoying the atmosphere of sincere and frank communication arising in their friendly company!

Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault, Petr Axenoff and Olga Thompson

Charles Thompson Petr Axenoff and children.

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