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Nastya Ivleeva is resting in Greece amid divorce rumors




The TV presenter arranged a hot photo shoot with her friend on the seashore

For several months now, the Internet has been discussing the separation of 30-year-old Nastya Ivleeva and 27-year-old Alexey Uzenyuk, acting under the pseudonym Eljay . The other day, the rapper sparked another wave of discussions about his personal life by releasing the track SODA. In the lines of the song, fans found evidence that the star couple is in the process of divorce.

Nastya and Alexey do not comment on the events of their personal lives, however, the TV presenter again flew away on the next trip without her husband. After traveling to Italy, she went to Greece in the company of blogger Diana Korkunova and ex-wife of Sergei Shnurov, Matilda. 

" On Instagram, Ivleeva posted several shots from her vacation, in which she posed with her friend. The girls were photographed on the seashore in tiny swimsuits and boasted spectacular forms. "We look into a bright future" - Ivleeva wrote.

The ambiguous signature for the candid shots seemed to hint at the beginning of a new stage in Nastya's life. The followers not only admired the seductive figure of the instadiva, but also began to cheer her up in connection with the divorce.

“It's indecently beautiful!”, “Pretty women! Fire! ”,“ Oh, how hot! ”,“ Nastya, you are the best! As well as your future "," Parting is going very well, "" Revenge of the Kardashians in Russian "," Ideal! " - wrote Ivleeva's followers.

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