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Morgenstern spoke about life in Dubai: "You can be the poorest, and that's cool"


Morgenstern Morgenstern shared the details of life in Dubai for the first time. In November, the artist left for Russia due to drug trafficking charges. Now the rapper gave an interview to New Radio and spoke about his new reality.

In his songs and videos, Morgenstern often boasted of his wealth, but in the UAE he felt completely different:

Here you can turn out to be the most impoverished and worthless lowlife among the people sitting at the same table with you. This is cool.

According to the rapper, in Moscow he didn’t even want to leave the house, and Dubai is a wonderful and comfortable place. He also revealed his $100,000 price tag for corporate events.

According to , Alla Pugacheva stands for the same amount. Despite persecution by the authorities, he continues to engage in creativity and gives concerts, still remaining one of the most sought-after Russian performers.

After all this situation with the Investigative Committee, even more people began to be interested in how I was doing, how was my health, Morgenstern noted.

Together with the rapper, his wife, model and blogger Dilara Zinatullina lives in Dubai. In January, Morgenstern announced the launch of his own "free and progressive" media and hinted that he had met with Pavel Durov. At the same time, he released the video "Why?", Shot in the UAE, which instantly went to the top of Russian YouTube. To date, the video has been viewed over 13 million times.


While millions of people enjoy Morgenstern's music videos, law enforcement officers are clearly not among them. On February 9, the Naberezhnye Chelny police opened a criminal case against the artist, accusing him of promoting drugs in videos. Three clips are mentioned in the case file: "New Wave", El problema and Yung Hefner. 

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