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Model Xenia Deli is not a typical billionaire's wife

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It's much more challenging than one would think to pose in a swimsuit for a model if she is a wife of Egyptian billionaire.

Many predicted that husband of Xenia - 62-year-old Egyptian businessman Ossama Fathi Rabah Al-Sharif obviously would not approve of model career of his young wife. However, it’s became known, that Xenia Deli returned to modeling after marriage. The Bessarabian model landed several contracts, but most of the challenges is to promote the swimwear.

Xenia is in excellent physical shape and is not shy to show it regularly on her Instagram. She prefers to demonstrate her slim figure, wearing a bikini and looks no worse than "angels" of “Victoria’s Secret”.

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There is no doubt: Xenia Deli displays an enviable physical shape. No wonder she has agreed to become part of the Swimsuit World family.

Thus, in the video shared to Instagram, Xenia is seen in extravagant bikini, which caused a strong reaction from her fans.

Видео опубликовано Olivier Desarte (@olivierdesarte_photography)

Swimsuit World project is dedicated to shoot the sexy models, wearing swimsuits in various exotic destinations of the world. Photos and stylists of the project go along with models in these destinations to achieve colorful and remarkable photos. As the official World Swimsuit model, Xenia posed several times for several renowned photographers.

Charming Xenia was able in a very short time to achieve considerable heights in the modeling business. Xenia Deli, who became the top model in the United States, is representing international brands, including Victoria's Secret.

“Every American girl dreams of becoming a Victoria's Secret model, or appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. And I was able to do both. You know, I got into the Victoria's Secret by accident. The agency where I worked, did not even want to send them my photos, because I did not meet the height standards. There are exceptions to every rule, and I believed that I would be an exception. I participated in the Buffalo campaign - a very well-known and popular brand in the US and Europe. It so happened that their new store opened right in front of the Victoria's Secret office. When their producer was at work, she saw in the window a huge poster with my picture and wanted to meet me.

Now I already have four photoshoots for the Victoria's Secret. The Victoria's Secret office has a special atmosphere, there is always a holiday, positive mood, photos of luxury girls hang on the walls. During the first photo shoot photographer turned on the music and told me: "Dance" and I was dancing the whole photo shoot. Therefore, to get a "live" picture”.

Beauty Secret of Xenia Deli

The main thing - a healthy sleep. I never miss an opportunity to sleep. Actively take care of hair. I am not dyeing my hair and do not advise others to do so. For hair care I use natural cosmetics with a short shelf life - indicator of the quality for me. Now I use the line for the care by the Lush Cosmetics.

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