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Milos Bikovich marries a lawyer from Montenegro


Serious changes are coming in the life of the most popular Serbian actor Milos Bikovich in Russia (“Ice”, “Slave”, “Hotel Eleon”, “Magomaev”). On January 13, he celebrated his 34th birthday in the company of a new lover, Montenegrin Ivana Malich. The 25-year-old beauty with a model appearance works as a lawyer. Belgrade newspapers excitedly write that things are rapidly moving towards a wedding. 

As the Serbian paparazzi found out, Bikovich's new girlfriend, who had previously lived in the Montenegrin city of Bar on the Adriatic coast, had already moved into his rented apartment in the center of Belgrade. Fans of Milos at first took this relationship as another fleeting hobby of a loving handsome man. But those who know Bikovich well note in the comments that the actor has matured. And he definitely intends to marry Malich.

At the end of last year, Bikovich brought the chosen one to Russia. They walked along Red Square in Moscow, flew on the Sapsan to St. Petersburg, where they visited the Hermitage.

“It’s colder here than it seems,” Ivana reported on her journey through our country.


“Malich was cold on Red Square. Photo:

It was during the Russian voyage that the girl posted a video from the car on her page on the social network. It depicted Bikovich with a ring on his right hand. After that, many people decided that the lovers got engaged.

As the Belgrade newspaper KURIR recently wrote, citing reliable sources, in the near future Bikovich and Malic will go to the United States together: under the contract, Milos is obliged to participate there in activities to promote the second part of the Serbian film South Wind. After that, the couple intends to relax on the shores of the warm ocean.

New apartment with terrace

For the first time, Ivana and Milos appeared together in public last fall. Trying not to attract too much attention to themselves, the lovers attended the World Boxing Championship in Belgrade. Ivana also visited the premiere of the film “South Wind. Return". She joined her fiancé in the cinema hall when the lights were turned off.

As the Serbian media wrote, the actor began a relationship with a Montenegrin in August 2021, just a week after breaking up with Arina Voloshina , 24-year-old Russian champion in ballroom dancing. -

For about a year I lived not my own life, - then Arina complained about Bikovich. - It was necessary to think purely about his image, reputation, which is the most important thing for him. But, unfortunately, his image on the screen does not correspond to reality! I had the last hope that there was something human in him. But on July 31, everything was finally dispelled. He behaved very rudely. "


At The lawyer has a great figure. Photo: The Serb, however, resolutely denied all these dirty hints. Like, with this statement, his ex decided to simply draw attention to her person, and she invented all the scandalous details of their romance.

Having dotted the i's in relations with the Russian woman, Milos immediately switched to the Montenegrin woman. And he went with Ivana Malich to the Croatian resort of Rovinj. They settled in a five-star hotel, renting a room for 700 euros per day.

Last year, Bikovich bought a luxury apartment with a huge terrace in the center of Belgrade. He immediately liked the newly built house in the historical district of Dorcol. He and Ivana will move there from a rented apartment in the near future, as soon as the renovation is completed. In the summer they plan to register a marriage.

The loudest affairs of Milos Bikovic

  • Milos' first serious affair was the actress from Yugoslavia Brankica Sebastyanovich . They met in a common company. And after they played a couple in the melodrama "When Love Is Late", all of Serbia started talking about them. Particular excitement was caused by the news that before marriage, Milos and Brankica allegedly decided not to have sex. Four years later, in 2016, the young people broke up.
  • Following Milos had an affair with a top model with Russian roots Sasha Luss. The muse of Karl Lagerfeld and other famous fashion designers. Bikovich, who then began teaching acting in Belgrade, had a hand in ensuring that his mistress was taken to the cinema. Sasha got into the films of Luc Besson "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" and "Anna". But then pictures surfaced on the Web in which Luss hugs and kisses a stranger on vacation in Miami. Milos had to publicly announce his breakup with the model. bik-3024008.jpg
  • Actor The actor either jokingly or seriously said that he did not remember all the happiest moments with Aglaya Tarasova, because he was drunk. Photo by Vladimir Velengurin/Komsomolskaya Pravda
  • There is, however, a version that Bikovich was the first to cheat on Sasha Luss,  he had his eye on Aglaya Tarasova , daughter of actress Ksenia Rappoport . Their office romance spun on the set of the film "Ice". Aglaya became a kind of reference book for Milos: she told who is who in Russian cinema, taught the Russian language. But after a year and a half of marriage, they fled.
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