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Maria Sharapova and Alexander Gilkes are on holidays in Saint-Petersburg, Russia


Sasha and Masha in St. Petersburg

Masha first arrived in St. Petersburg! It was planned that Masha’s mother would keep her company, but a boyfriend, Alexander Gilks, arrived in her stead.

Both are actively sharing their impressions of the trip on Instagram, and we decided to put it together in one post.

After a month in Australia, winter in St. Petersburg is especially extreme!

Masha arrived in St. Petersburg a couple of days earlier than Alexander.

Masha came to the Hermitage with her team

Still without Sasha ...

At the Mariinsky Theater

The Russian language is forgotten, judging by the facial expression

But no, there is still enough to cite Pushkin!

The house in which Alexander lived on his first visit to St. Petersburg

"But we definitely did not visit this bar while studying in St. Petersburg. I think , the owner is trying to scare away lonely students.

“While Sasha is walking, Masha is training with might and main. The first match will take place today at 17-00 Moscow time. Good luck to Masha!

PHOTOS: Maria Sharapova's practice in St. Petersburg. (Via: Artyom Shashkov; Evgeny Vasilyev; Pavel Vagapov; Stanislav Dubrovsky; Tanya Kozhina-Remennaya; Timur Barlybaev; Yulia Sanina; Yura Lysenko; Andrey Kolomyts; Alexander Safonov; Tennis Live; Championat; pavelvag / IG; kristina_bordeaux / i; i; Tennis Live; Championat; pavelvag / IG; kristina_bordeaux / ile / iGo; i Tennis Live; Tennis Live; Championat; pavelvag / IG; kristina_bordeaux / isenko;


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