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Luxury Wedding of a Russian businessman Ilya Tyagloy on Lake Como in Italy



Ivan Urgant, Ilya Tyagly with his fiancee/Instagram

Ivan Urgant held the wedding of the President of IQ Capital and Lamborghini Club Russia Ilya Tyagloy and his beloved . The wedding took place on Lake Como in Italy, reports the BP Online telegram channel . Ivan's co-host at the event was Ekaterina Varnava.


The video shows how Ivan Urgant, as the host of the ceremony, married a couple and asked them to exchange rings. Leonid Agutin, the Ruki Vverkh group and Italian artists also performed at the wedding, which took place at the 19th-century Erba Villa, a video shared by one of the guests on Instagram. Among the guests were relatives and friends of the couple, and the bride was walked down the aisle by her father.


The wedding was ordered by millionaire Ilya Tractolo, who holds high positions at the IQ Capital and Lamborghini Club in Russia. The price Ilya paid for Ivan to have a wedding was only 2 million rubles. Given that earlier Urgant received 8 million rubles for weddings, the difference became apparent. It also became known that at the wedding, together with Ivan Urgant, the actress Ekaterina Varnava entertained the guests. Most likely, they work in a team, and most likely Ivan will have to share these two million with her.


Bride with friends /Instagram



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