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London, good bye: Victoria Bonya moves to Monaco TV presenter and her daughter did not take root in the British capital

Within a year, Victoria Bonya decided to leave London. The presenter announced that she was returning with her daughter Angelina Letizia to Monaco. As it turned out, instadiva and her heiress could not take root in England.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Victoria Bonya self-isolated with former lover Alex Smerfit and their common daughter Angelina Letizia in the chic millionaire mansion in Cannes. The model and her heiress go in for sports. Recently, mom and daughter mastered tennis. Girls walk a lot in a chic estate. Among other things, Bonya works - gives fans workshops on improving their appearance.

A few hours ago, the star of "House-2" made an important message. She decided to move with her daughter to Monaco. The model told that eight-year-old Angelina categorically did not like London.

According to Bonya, they are tired of the damp and eternal fog in the British capital. The presenter also admitted that for a long time she tried to overpower herself and love England, but she did not succeed in this.

“We could not adapt to London. Angelina doesn’t like it there: the weather is constantly gray, cold. Still, Monaco is our place. As they say, you won’t try, you won’t know,” the beauty said. Victoria said that in the coming days, she will deal closely with the issue of relocation.

She noted that in Monaco, Angelina will be able to see her father, with whom Bonya maintains a warm relationship after the break, more often. Instadiva amazes herself with the hope that one day the ex-lover will let her and her daughter go to the States, where she has long dreamed of settling.


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