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Lindsay Lohan will open a night club with Dennis Papageorgiou in Athens

The actress will be the owner of the trendy place in Athens.

Lindsay Lohan has surprised her fans once again. More recently, the actress complained that she got depressed after a scandalous breakup with Egor Tarabasov. But now she has recovered and pleased to announce that she has become co-owner of a new night club in Athens. As it became known, Lindsey’s partner and co-owner of the club became her new boyfriend - a Greek restaurateur Dennis Papageorgiou. This was reported by the website Page Six.

The opening ceremony will take place this Saturday - 15 October, and many Hollywood celebrities are expected to arrive to a party dedicated to this event. Lohan herself promised that she will certainly appear in the club at least 2-3 times a month. Apparently, the task of advertising and attracting famous and wealthy guests lies on her shoulders. Papageorgiou would be willing to forward Lindsay a fair share of the profits every time it does.

Lindsay and Dennis have known each other a very long time, but got close this summer. They were seen together several times on the beach, where the actress and Papageorgiou behaved like a couple. According to Lohan when she broke up with Egor, Dennis "just saved her from Tarabasov". But Lohan did not specify how he’d helped her blow the depression away. At the same time there are persistent rumors that Lindsay's novel with Dennis is more than just a flirtation, and that their relationship Is getting serious


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