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Lindsay Lohan shut down "Let Them Talk" show in Moscow

Numerous assistants, make-up artist and Andrey Malakhov persuaded the star to leave the room of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, but all efforts were in vain for several hours.

The long-awaited "Let Them Talk" program with Lindsay Lohan, who flew to Moscow to talk about the difficult relationship with Egor Tarabasov, gets ruined by actress in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication.

Make-up artists team with several suitcases of cosmetics, stars assistants, producers, and Andrey Malakhov were on duty from early morning in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Program was scheduled to start as early as noon, but the star refused to leave the room, saying she wanted to sleep. The people, who came to be an extra, also were waiting for a Hollywood star almost the whole day. Studio workers connected her absence to her being not in good shape, hinting that Lohan had tried Russian vodka.

While bodyguards of the controversial actress went upstairs with a bottle of water and with activated carbon, the producers and Andrey Malakhov grew very upset in the lobby. Talk show host went to the room of the actress personally to persuade her to start recording. As a result, Lindsey gave her consent, prompting the whole delegation to be in her room in a flash.

However, it did not speed up the process. Meanwhile, the organizers ceased to hide the real reason for her absence, reassuring viewers that the producers were trying to sober Lohan. Compassionate Muscovites immediately offered to cure Lohan’s hangover with the methods of the complementary medicine. VIP guests, which should judge a Hollywood star and the Russian businessman, began to leave their seats.

- First, she was fine, and said she wanted to sleep, so the program was moved to the evening, - explained the organizers. - So after the program "Tonight" Andrey immediately went to her and saw her drunk as a skunk. She was brought to her senses and then said that it was possible to go.

Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov Photo: Social Networking

Lindsay Lohan and Egor Tarabasov Photo: Social Networking

However, Lohan never left the one of the most expensive hotels in the capital. According to the organizers when the artist literally stood in the doorway, she got a call from former lover Egor Tarabasov and was forbidden to give interviews.

- She was supposed to tell that Egor gave her a ring for 300 thousand euros. - But she was injuncted from running the story. He called her and said that if she ever said a single word about him, he'd start messing with her life. And she decided to return home. Maybe she deliberately made up this provocative story, no one knows the truth.

TV Channel paid Lindsay’s accommodation and tickets, also the star had been paid her fees an advance.

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