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Lindsay Lohan rehearsed wedding with a Russian boyfriend on the Greek island

The age difference doesn't bother future newlyweds.

Time to have fun and time to get married. It seems that Lindsay Lohan is quite happy with his new love, Russian boyfriend Egor Tarabasov. Judging by the photos, shared to Instagram, the wedding is not far off. At least the couple has already organized the pre-wedding party while on holiday in Greece. And the holiday was a large scale.

The actress threw a party on one of the Greek islands

Egor rented for the actress a chic restaurant on an island and invited a huge group of friends. The guests of the party followed a strict dress code - white outfit. If somebody came in gray or pink outfit - entry was prohibited. Happy couple wanted a festive look of the visitors would emphasize the solemnity of the event, because on the one hand, the lovers celebrated birthday of Hollywood actress, and on the other - rehearsed wedding.

It is said that Russian boyfriend proposed to her, and an impressive ring on the finger of the star is proof. The age difference doesn't bother future newlyweds. Egor is seven years younger than Lohan, but nevertheless, it is "the Russian" who' gotten her out of depression. Lindsay abused drugs and alcohol and been in and out of rehab. She's got less and less roles in Hollywood.

But after meeting Egor Lohan changed dramatically. She has given up drinking and takes care of herself. The pair spent together several holidays, and not so long ago, Lohan has moved in with her young lover. It seems that the wedding is not far off.

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